Slow beauty is about rightfully selected ingredients and formulations that puts our skin at ease to bounce back to its healthiest form. It’s about reshaping your ideals and expectations around beauty. 

Aging is an entirely natural and unavoidable process. It’s how we do it that counts. 

We focus on anti-aging, we fight against time, we admonish the natural process and beauty of aging. Ultimately slow beauty isn’t about aging , its about a new idea: Holding Youth. 

Nourishing and caring for your skin is surely better than subjecting it to a host of toxins, and painful surgeries. Skincare is about balance and skin health, using well balanced formulas to help treat your skin without over-sensitizing it, nurturing it without exposing it to irritants. Bringing skin to its best possible form takes little more than few days and it comes with a gentle and proper skin care practice.  

Fast acting products gives us instant gratification but on the expense of long-term effect of our skin integrity. Often tempted to use harsh ingredients to see immediate effect and quick fixes, we forget that it leads us to a long list of other skin concerns such as sensitivity, dryness, blemishes , eczema and inflammation that actually can stress the skin and accelerate skin aging. Safe and gentle way of consistent skin care is what we believe in vs. dramatic instant results. It is about daily care and maintenance with right ingredients to delay the process of skin aging.

Senself's products are entirely based on this principle. Our Skin Rebound Treatment focuses on gentle exfoliation which overtime delivered healthy radiant looking skin. Rich but Light moisturizer packed with would healer antioxidants promotes healthy skin barrier which overtime gives you a glow from within. 

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