You may not have heard of Simmondsia Chinensis, but you should be thankful for its existence as it is a tree which provides an oil (or rather liquid wax) called Jojoba. 

Jojoba Oil has become a real holy grail ingredient in skin-care products and it is one of the main ingredients in Senself formulations. 


What is Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is the liquid that is produced from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant, and is actually a wax, but appears as an oil.

Its composition is so similar to the oil (sebum) our bodies naturally produce that our skin can’t tell the difference.

If the term “sebum” conjures images of oily skin and acne, it’s actually a gentle oil that is moisturizing and hydrating with an excellent softening effect, adding a beautiful healthy glow and whether your biggest complaints are fine lines, dull skin or sunburns, Jojoba Oil can be your savior in any battle.

Top Benefits:

  • Has antibacterial properties

reduces acne by controlling oil production and preventing bacteria growth. "Jojoba oil has a high amount of iodine, which fights bacterial growth that can lead to breakouts.

  • Fades fine lines & wrinkles

Caused by everyday exposure to pollutants and other toxins, oxidative stress can be linked to the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. With a vitamin B complex that fights off free radicals and repairs cell damage, and vitamin E that helps speed up cell regeneration, jojoba oil is a great anti-aging ingredient.

  • It can relieve sunburns.

Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, controls damage caused by harmful UV rays and helps reduce inflammation and speed up cell regeneration both in the body and skin, making jojoba oil a great treatment for sunburn.

  • It boosts skin's glow.

Dullness is most often caused by dehydration in skin. By boosting skin's moisture, jojoba oil helps diminish dullness and up your glow.

  • It can soothe eczema-prone skin.

The combination of vitamin E and iodine helps heal inflamed or compromised skin, like that caused by eczema. It soothes irritated skin and harnesses powerful properties to control acne breakouts and eczema.


High-performance organic formula of Senself Rich but Light Moisturizer combined with other natural ingredients (Nettle, Sage, Shea Butter) is also enriched with Jojoba Oil to reverse the aging process.

By boosting skin’s moisturizer, jojoba oil helps diminish dullness and up your glow.

So, If you value youthful-looking skin, get ready to glow because you are about to start your long lasting relationship with jojoba, an oil which may be the skincare hero you never knew you needed.

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