You know that feeling: in the middle of the summer, after a resting, charged with vitamin D sun-tan when your face looks all glowy and you don’t even think about applying makeup.

You probably wish your skin could look like this forever. Well, we’ve got you covered. And how do we nail that natural glow?

In the recent past, for the beauty industry, shiny skin was a big no-no until now. So how did we get here?  The story of dewy skin’s rise begins in South Korea. Now everyone is familiar with Korean beauty and skincare trends and dewy skin is one of them but for us, dewy skin is not a trend - it is the definition of healthy, hydrated skin. 

It all starts with a normal, healthy skin barrier which means your skin is even, toned, and smooth, with no redness or inflammation. 

The ingredient list and its effects are one thing but natural glowization is also a reason why we are proud of our Senself products. Senself moisturizer helps our consumers achieve their desired level of glow and gleaming skin that looks like it is fresh out of the water. 

We packed our formulas with anti-inflammatory, wound healer botanicals and soothing ingredients that heal the skin barrier and promote skin renewal.

If you want glowy skin, niacinamide, glycolic & lactic acids better be on your list. With their effective revitalizing benefits, these acids encourage a more youthful appearance on your skin & create a brighter, glowing effect by wiping away blemishes.

So let Senself be the messenger of your flawless, shiny skin.

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