Ever wonder how women in ancient times used to make themselves beautiful or how did early medieval people treat illnesses and injuries?  Philosophy of beauty and self-care is recognized within many different cultures, the various rituals and standards of beauty vary from one culture to another.

Nowadays ways of taking care of yourself are unlimited, you know that but way back they didn’t have those skincare wonders we have now, but still, somehow managed to look good.

Most remedies for curing ailments were probably not written down but passed orally from person to person and family to family. Still, there are some surviving manuscripts that shed light on the medieval understanding. 

Carabadini is one of the oldest medical manuscripts written in the 15th century. So what do we have in common with this medieval text?

We went back to the roots and flipped through the pages of Carabadini to know more about medieval ways of healing. Passed down from generations, the book holds the immense information of more than 140 healing ingredients. We believed in skin healing and by these “sacred ingredients” formulated Senself.

Smooth, white skin was highly regarded, and many women used herbal remedies to promote fair skin.  Among the pages of Carabadini, we carefully selected the ones that were and still are widely used for their extensive benefits.

At Senself, we are proud to make our way back to the roots, collect and use these medical practices to deliver products for your skin health and youth.


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